What is Repele?

Repele is an international brand in the field of anti-stain protection (waterproofing), established in Portugal since 1991, being a pioneer and leader in its market . The representation of this brand, in our country, It's owned by Pro-Care Company, Special Cleaning Services, Lda, however, the name by which we are identified is Repele.

The applied product is also called Repele?

Repele it's also the name of the product that we apply. Our product is imported directly from the brand, in sealed containers, with no room for tampering, being subject to a strict quality control before being delivered to different international representatives. This product security allows us to award the 10 years of free assistance in almost every item we treat.

Is Repele a trustworthy brand?

Repele, in Portugal for 20 years, is the reference brand for consumers in this market area, conveying the necessary confidence for the easy hiring of a service that unites us to the same customer, through free assistance, up to 10 years. This confidence comes from experience in the field, day to day, justified by the possibility of quiet use of your sofas or other items handled by Repele, generating the best advertising possible : word of mouth, among friends and acquaintances, who already have been or are repeat clients Repele.

In which articles, can you apply the Repele Protection Treatment?

This protection applies to all types of absorbent material, but we mainly work on upholstered materials, such as sofas, chairs, pillows, mattresses, carpets, car interiors, fabric or leather (also in synthetic leather) using a unique and long lasting product, isolating the fibers from external agents, keeping the spaces between them free, to that the tissue and leather can breathe.

Where (place) its made the Repele Protection Treatment?

Repele works as a service provider, performing more than 100 services per day. Preferably, the service must be performed in the customer's presence, in his home, before his eyes.

How does the Repele Protection Treatment works?

The Repele Treatment creates an invisible barrier on the treated item, isolating fiber by fiber, so that, when an accidental spill occurs, it does not go surpass the surface, and is easily removed. We warn, however, that there are fabrics with weaves (spaces) more open, the so-called mixed or wide weaving, which will allow the passage of liquids, not forming the famous 'drop' that so well identifies our service. This is not cause for concern, as the spill will not enter the fiber and the treatment works exactly the same, as anti-stain.

Does the Repele product changes the texture or color of a fabric/leather?

No. After the drying period, which may vary between 3 to 5 hours, depending on atmospheric conditions or locasl humidity, the initial characteristics of the treated article remain unchanged.

What is the added value of hiring Repele services?

With the Repele Protection Treatment, the customer can enjoy in full the treated item, regardless of the selected material or color, since Repele offers a free 10 years, anti-stain assistance.

Does the Repele Protection Treatment absorb the stains?

No. There is no product on the market that will absorb any accidental spillage, that is, stains. The Repele Treatment prevents stains fromn penetrating the fibers, making them easier to remove. The stains accidentally caused on untreated items, are glued to the fibers making removal extremely difficult or impossible, without deteriorating the materials.

What is the proper maintenance for a sofa treated with Repele?

Treated items should be vacuumed and/or brushed, on a weekly basis, to be free from dust and dirt resulting from daily use. Decorative fabrics with strong colors should not be placed on sofas or upholstered items, as a color transfer may occur, and it can damage the sofa. The same care, especially with light colored sofas, should be taken with decorative pillows or even garments whose reds are not fixed.

Does the Repele Protection Treatment protects the sofa against dirt?

The Repele Protection Treatment is an anti-stain protection treatment, making it easier, to, remove dirt and dust deposited with the daily use , provided that the maintenance care that we advise is fulfilled.

Does the Repele product comes out with use or washes? What about with dry cleaning?

No. The Repele protection is not a superficial protection like a scotch guard that disappears due to friction and abrasion, and does not allow the treated materials to breathe. Nor is it an aqueous product, (diluted in water) where the effectiveness is directly related to the concentration at which it is prepared, and also, because of its aqueous nature, it derrents the washing or removal of stains with use of water, because it quickly diluted, losing its anti-stain properties. This is a long-lasting product, allowing, safe, washing operations, whenever necessary, maintaining their qualities, as long as they are made with compatible products and techniques . It can not be subjected to dry-cleaning.

How to act before a stain?

These are the explanations given in our current guarantee, that we give to the client after the execution of the service: Immediate removal of the excess spilled substance. 1) Liquids: the option we recommend is to remove the excess using a absorbent paper (kitchen tissue paper), preferably, but may use a cloth or a white turkish towel, repeating the process until the affected area is almost dry; 2) Solids: the excess of the substance must be removed with the help of a spoon, followed by the procedure described above; 3) Dried Stains: to remove excess, brush or vacuum the affected area, avoiding getting it wet; 4) Leathers: if any residue remains, following the previous instructions, you should immediately contact Repele services. 5) If debris remains, after this intervention (2 and 3), proceed as follows: put a few drops of dish detergent into a glass, placing it under running water, in order to create the desired foam. Place the foam on a white, preferably turkish cloth/towel, making a very smooth , blotting motion, so as not to risk tissue damage, repeating the movement until all residue is removed.. 6) You can add to this procedure the vaccum of the affected area, if you want to eliminate the remaining waste or moisture. 7) Uniform drying of the affected area is only possible using a hairdryer, in order to avoid the halos around it. Thus, and after previous intervention, it should immediately dry the place, using the dryer at a low or medium speed, keeping it to about 20cm of the fabric, so as to take any risk of burning the fabric.

Is there any information on how to keep an item or act upon a stain?

As answered in the previous question, Repele provides the customer, printed on the guarantee given to the customer, all necessary instructions for the removal of the most common stains, and what to do, in case it does not dissapear. Regarding used items, treated with Repele, on which we do not provide free assistance, we leave a document called "Maintenance Care", with the same information.

Is the action in the face of stains, the same, for Repele Protection Treatments, for fabrics or leathers?

No. As explained above, it is indicated in the instructions on how to act against a stain, whenever there are stains on leather items, the customer must remove excess as indicated, but if they remain, you should immediately contact Repele through the warranty, as it is explained in that document.

Are fabrics are more resistant to use, when protected with Repele?

Without a doubt. The reinforcing of the fiber (thread) caused by Repele protection, reduces the impact of friction on the materials which is applied.

Is there any kind of damage that Repele can not guarantee?

Yes, there is. Burns, acids, dyes, tears, deliberate and negligent abuse, and manufacturing defects, ….

Is the product used in Repele Treatments flammable or toxic?

No. The product we use is non-toxic, and although it has an odor in its application, it disappears completely with drying.

Is the Repele Cleaning service included in the warranty on the Repele Protection Treatments?

No. Repele Protection Treatment protects items against stains, not dirt from day to day.

What is Repele Cleaning Service?

The Repele Cleaning service is an in-depth cleaning and sanitizing service, that removes accumulated , but not always visible dirt, as a consequence of daily use, accumulation of dust, dust mites, and other pollutants, fruit of modern society in which we live.

How it's done the Repele Cleaning Service?

Repele, as far as cleaning in depth and upholstery cleaning , being items that accumulate dust and dirt, responsible for the majority of the allergic manifestations in the users of the spaces in question, use the technique of injection and extraction of water, more effective in removing the same dirt and dust, using detergent products of the highest quality, compatible with our Protection Treatment and environmental requirements.

Is the Repele Cleaning service guaranteed for 10 years?

The specificity of the proposed service requires a high level of quality and technical experience that Repele has , however there may be some marks/stains/spots that are not possible to remove in its entirety, given to their nature and time of existence. The guarantee given by our service is this: total removal of dirt from the item.

After the Repele Cleaning service, will my item look brand new?

Unfortunately, we still can not make miracles. In a used item, and especially if it has not been treated with Repele Protection Treatment, the result is dependent on a series of factors, related to the type of material that needs to be cleaned, and the state of its conservation. After the dirt has been removed, there may be some spots/stains that were concealed by accumulated dirt, which when removed it becomes visible. Likewise, if the item that needs to be cleaned, is defective, the Repele Cleaning service is not a restoration service, so these defects will remain. For items protected with Repele, the results are clearly, much higher, since the proper maintenance is carried out.

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