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Effective and easy-to-use protector for textile surfaces on outdoor furniture, sun shades, and interior of cars and boats.

Provides effective protection against all kinds of dirt and moisture by preventing dirt from being sucked into fabric fibers. Also reduces mold in fabrics as the fabric is kept dry. Suitable for users with pollen allergy as protection prevents pollen from sticking to fibers and makes the fabric easy to clean. Suitable for all textiles, both natural and artificial fibers. The treatment keeps the textile beautiful and easy to care for a long time. Does not change air permeability of the fabric, its looks or color. The bottle of 500 ml is enough to protect 5-7 m2. Protection will last for about 1-2 years in outdoor use. Stains are easily removed from treated surface: just wipe them off with a cloth so that dust does not stick to the fibers. Protects against all types of stains, even oil based.

Perform treatment in a well-ventilated area about 15 cm from the surface by spraying evenly on the dry, clean surface until surface is moist but not wet.

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EAN CODE 6416977712329

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