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We have a set of dedicated solutions for your home, that extend the durability of your upholstered furniture, fabric or leather: sofas and chairs, rugs or carpets, mattresses, headboards and sommiers, among many other items!

No more worries with stains and spots: look for us and find out that, after all, a stain no longer hurts!

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Discover our protection:


Our unique Repele Anti-Stain and Anti-Mite Protection Treatment, which we continually seek to develop using nano technology, is ecofriendly, and acts, creating a highly effective molecular shield, that isolates and protects fiber by fiber, thus creating an invisible protection and preventing stains from accidental spill.

The treatment creates an invisible, highly effective protection, also giving the leather a prolonged hydration, which allows it to maintain a soft and supple texture with a more lasting effect, delaying appearance of cracks in the leather.

If the liquid/solid is not immediately removed, the treatment facilitates its removal as the fibers will not 'stick' in a irreversibly way. This treatment also prevents, the formation of the necessary conditions for the proliferation of mites, responsible for the most respiratory and skin allergies, as well as increases the resistance of the materials to daily wear and washes, and finally protects against UV rays, delaying discoloration of tissues.

This service is extremely fast and provided in you house.

Unique Advantages:

– Allows easy removal of stains, in the event of accidental spillage;
– Works as anti-mite, preventing its proliferation in the treated items;
– It facilitates the maintenance of the item, delaying the accumulation of dust and dirt;
– It is non-toxic, odorless and anti-allergic;
– It does not alter the characteristics of the fabric, either in color, or texture, and allows the fabrics to "breathe";
– It shows down the discoloration of the fabrics, protecting them from the action of UV rays;
– Increases the wear resistance of daily use and washes;
– Proven efficacy in all types of fabric and absorbent materials;

Warranty and Technical Assistance:

Repele warranty answer for our quality!

Repele Anti-Stain Protection Treatment , is designed so that the customer can solve all issues related to stains by its own means, following some very simple procedures.

The Repele Warranty is delivered by the technician after the service is completed, since it is the document that describes the procedures to be followed in case of an accidental spillage and the necessary and essential indications to take full advantage of the treatment applied.

The Repele Warranty allows you to trigger the Free Assistance whenever you can not, by following the instructions described, remove a stain caused by a domestic accident.

1. The issuance of Repele Free Assistance Warranty does not apply to services performed in public or commercial spaces.
2. Used items always require technical confirmation to benefit of Repele Free Assistance Warranty Service .


Our Fireproof/Fire Retardant product has been selected, among the various options available in the market, because of being extremely effective, having been tested in a variety of materials, showing very positive results, respecting the European standards and the British Standards(BS 5852 of 2006) and because it is the product of choice used in aeronautics, namely, by the US.

The product we use consists in an aqueous solution, containing a mixture of active ingredients whose combination allows to reduce the evolution of fire and smoke, creating flame retardant type of resistance, in fabrics where it is applied. These properties apply to fabrics exposed to heat and flame, where the product creates a crystalline form of carbon, which, simultaneously, withstands fire , heat and smoke. This means that the active properties of the product increase the resistance of fabrics to flame, by lowering the melting temperature, and then, re-solidifiying, into a crystalline carbon form, which acts as a barrier created between the fabric surface and the flame.


– Slows down and prevents the spread of flames;
– Inexpressive change the color and texture of the wooden materias in which it is applied;
– It is non-toxic;
– It is odorless.


The Teflex Plus Disinfection aims to disinfect and protect spaces and surfaces, removing bacteria, viruses and fungi, protecting them against microorganisms for a limited period, until the active ingredient runs out. Is dispersed in small particles of disinfectant using specialized equipment and technicians. This dispersion allows the active ingredient contact with surfaces that are intended to disinfected, forming an invisible protective film, which remains active several months after the vaporization date, with an estimated validity of up to 12 months.

The disinfection and protection of your house with Teflex Plus Service, contributes significantly to the improvement of the quality of the air you breathe, as well as acts as a strong ally in the fight against the development of fungi, responsible for most allergic reactions that mostly all of us suffer from. Its application is made by vaporization, allowing the dispersion of very tiny particles of the product, which penetrate the fibers of the fabrics and ensure uniform protection throughout all the materials.

The Teflex Plus biocide is duly registered with the DGS and CIAV!

Advantages of using in spaces Teflex Plus Disinfection :

– Elimination of a set of viruses, bacteria and fungi present in all materials, furniture and equipment, contributing significantly to the improvement of the quality of the air we breathe;
– Reducing the possibility of contamination of domestic space by external agents, since they are eliminated when in contact with protected surfaces;
– Elimination and prevention of fungi , actively contributing to the fight against the agents responsible for most allergic reactions, namely, mites;
– Combined with regular hygiene of, materials and surfaces, it improves indoor air quality;
– Disinfectant and preventive, in case of domestic animals, the main carriers of viruses and bacteria to your house;
– It acts also, a powerful disinfectant and protector, during and after periods of illness;
– Suitable use for ALL types of materials;
– Protection against biodeterioration of materials which we can see in upholstery, mattresses, carpets or even draperies and curtains;
– Elimination of bad odors;
– Reinforcement of the Anti-Mite treatment;
– Decreased health problems, such as allergies, migraines and respiratory problems.

Deep Cleaning, Sanitization and Disinfection

The Deep Cleaning, Sanitization and Disinfection, has more than 25 years of continuous evolution, allows the removal of accumulated dirt and dust, possible stains and spots, and simultaneously cleans and disinfects the items, to obtain excellent results.

The Repele technique of Deep Cleaning, Sanitization and Disinfection, is performed based on liquid detergents, with sanitization charateristcs of high capacity, using injection/extraction and foam industrial machines, which allows to penetrate deep into the surface and inside of upholstery, mattresses, rugs or carpets.

Each intervention is performed by a Repele Repele with a wide experience and proper training, customizing each cleaning according to the type of coating and state of the item.

The cleaning is provided at home adapting to all kinds of upholstered material such as sofas, chairs, pillows, carpets, mattresses, whether they are fabric or leather.

Key Features and Benefits:

– High penetration liquid washing;
– Industrial equipment and detergents of the latest technology;
– Leaves the materials clean, giving them a renewed look;
– Eliminates bacteria, fungi and viruses;
– Clean and sanitized materials, are able to receive the Anti-Stain Protection Treatment.

Deep Cleaning, Sanitization and Disinfection of Carpets

Carpets are items that accumulate, by nature a lot of dust and dirt, being responsible for most allergic reactions in users of spaces thst they live in.

The Deep Cleaning, Sanitization and Disinfection of Carpets basic service combines the technology of the best equipment and new generation products (nano technology), to a team of highly specialized professionals, who cares and cleans, carpet to carpet, (one by one). At the entrance of the cleaning circuit each rug is disinfected, and our Teflex Plus treatment , is applied to eliminate the bacteria, viruses and fungi present.

The cleaning intervention is carefully studied, depending on the materials in question. This procedure distinguishes us competitively, because final result of this cleaning method (personalized) is infinitely superior quality compared with scaling methods, because the carpets will be cleaned more than once, if necessary, to improve the result. To finish the deep cleaning process, our exclusive odor absorption product is applied to each rug, to remove residual odors.

This is a technique that the time devoted in each intervention on each carpet is significant, so it is, obviously, more time consuming as compared to a cleaning in set and superficial, but the quality of service we provide justifies it! As a result your carpets are free of accumulated dirt, sanitized, with more vivid colors, eliminating all odors and stains (the possible ones).

Given the special characteristics and needs of this type of service, carpet cleaning is performed on our headquarters.

The pick up and home delivery service is FREE!

Repele offers a range of treatment options that complement the Deep Cleaning of your carpets:

Tratamento de Proteção Anti-Nódoas e Anti-Ácaros Repele

O nosso Tratamento de Proteção Anti-Nódoas e Anti-Ácaros, exclusivo Repele que procuramos continuamente desenvolver com recurso à nano tecnologia, é ecofriendly, e atua, criando um escudo protetor molecular altamente eficaz, que isola e protege fibra a fibra, criando assim uma proteção invisível e evitando que as nódoas se instalem em caso de derrame acidental.

Tratamento Anti-Traça

O Anti-Traça TCM, trata-se de um produto da nova geração, 100% natural e inovador. Uma aplicação permite destruir totalmente a traça em todas as suas formas: ovo, larva e borboleta, com efeito de proteção prolongado até um ano. Revela-se ainda extremamente eficaz na aniquilação de muitos outros insetos prejudiciais, como besouros, formigas…

Desinfeção Teflex Plus

O Tratamento de Desinfeção Teflex Plus visa desinfetar e proteger os espaços e superfícies, eliminando bactérias, vírus e fungos, protegendo-os contra microrganismos por um período limitado, até que o princípio ativo se esgote.

Do you need to Restore your Carpet ? Repele has the solution for you!

Repele has established partnerships with the best carpet restoration experts according to their typology, offering solutions for your carpets:

>> 'Arraiolos' Carpets Restoration;
>> Persian Carpets Restoration ;
>> Kilim Carpets Restoration;
>> Others.

Contramott Anti-Moth TCM Treatment

Exclusive Representation in Portugal!

Special Treatment for Carpets, Rugs and Mats

This is a new generation product, 100% natural and innovative, that is a combination of several active substances, resulting from the chemistry of selected plants, letting its excellent qualities act in a very gentle, but extremely effective way.

An application allows to totally destroy the moth in all its forms: egg, larva and butterfly, with a prolonged protective effect until one year. It proves to be extremely effective in the annihilation of many other harmful insects, such as beetles, ants,…

Is Anti-moth TCM safe for children and pets?

This product is perfectly harmless after drying, since the destructive natural substances of insects are quickly broken when mixed with oxygen.

Insect Elimination Way:

Anti-Moth TCM destroys the insect shell and its respiratory channels: direct contact destroys the functioning of the nervous system and paralyzes them immediately, by penetrating the skin; the indirect contact, associated with long-term effect, acts as a deterrent against insects that are harmful to carpets, reppeling them up to one year.

Anti-Moth TCM, acts, in two ways:

1) Works as an immediate exterminator in cases where the carpets are infested with moths, since its spray creates an immediate cessation of its biological functions in a lethal manner, extinguishing them.

2) It works as a protective agent against moths, since its application creates a repellent with a long-term performance, through the release of the perfume molecules of natural active substances. After spraying the product on the carpet, the concentration of natural residueds that the TMC contains, creates a natural barrier which causes moths (and other insects) from getting close to the carpet, so they will not lay eggs, not develop larva, nor cocoons, stoping the proliferation of these insects.

Anti-Moth TCM Composition

The active ingredients that make up this product are PYRETHRUM, a natural extract of Chrysanthemum petals, cedar oil, lavender and tea tree extracts. These substances are dissolved in paraffin, non-greasy, suitable for fiber maintenance, stabilized with sesame seed and synthetic glycol.

How can I purchase this product?

Repele offers two ways to enjoy the advantages of using this treatment:

1) Services:

– Anti-Moth Treatment with Deep Vacuum - in the customer house:
– Anti-Moth Treatment after Deep Cleaning - in our headquarters.

2) Product:

Sprays 500 ml.

Car Protection

Tired of stains and spots on the upholstery of your car?

Repele has the solution!

The application of the Anti-Stain and Anti-Mite Protection Treatment, protects and insolates the fibers of the upholstery and carpets, and from all of the automobile interior fabrics, preventing stains from sticking irreversibly. This will protect you from the drama moments that follows after spilling glass full of Coca-Cola , or when your child glues a lollipop to the car seat, or when your pet gets ill on the trip!

In the case of leather upholstery, the application of this protection has a dual action since it is effective in its anti-stain and works also as moisturizing, preventing premature wear and cracks on the leather caused by dehydration.

This treatment with regard to automobiles is key to keep the interior with a renewd look and care for a long time, since these are items exposed to sudden changes of temperature, solar rays, humidity...

Protection can be applied on new and used cars!

Repele offers a range of treatment options that complement the protection of your Car:

 Deep Cleaning, Sanitization and Disinfection

How much time do you spent in your car? Repele helps you maintain a healthy environment and free of unpleasant odors, dirt and dust accumulated.

The car service of Deep Cleaning, Sanitization and Disinfection, consists of deep vacuuming and cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection of the car seats and structures, carpets, vaccum of the bags interiors, removal of dirt from the dashboard, side doors and plastics in general. Does not include cleaning on the ceiling.

 Teflex Plus Disinfection

Did you know that your wheel and shift lever accumulates millions of microorganisms?

Repele has the solution for you!

The application of Disinfection is performed through a vaporization machine by a fogging process, where fungi, bacteria and viruses are eliminated, from the cabin and sufaces of the interior of the car.

This application is a secure and highly effective, whose application is extremely fast, about 5 minutes, with immediate effect, being ready to be used in about 30 minutes. It is completely harmless to users.

Main Benefits:

– Reduces the concentration of bacteria and fungi in the car interior;
– Reduces the likelihood of microbiological growth;
– Has a Protector effect until the active ingredient is fully spent;
– Substantially improves the indoor air quality;
– Act as a protector of materials and equipment;
– Reduces conditions for development of allergies;
– Contributes to the reduction of bad odors, like tobacco, and others.


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