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Softcare Carpet Protector is suitable for all types of carpets from wool to silk, coconut, jute and paper yarn carpets. Can also be used on fur rugs and kilims. It is also suitable for the protection of thick textiles, e.g. rugs. Carpet protection gives the carpet a dirt-repellent surface, making cleaning easier. The dirt is easy to remove from the treated surface and permanent stains do not occur. Vacuuming is also facilitated since the dust comes off easier. The protection does not change the carpet’s feel, color or air permeability. One bottle (500ml) can protect 4-6 m2 depending on the thickness of the carpet.

The protection lasts for a few years. Softcare Carpet Protector does not affect the properties of the textile. Does not contain PFOS or PFOA compounds. The product is highly flammable; do not smoke while spraying and do not spray near open fire.

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