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Softcare Outdoor Textile Care Kit contains everything you need for taking care of outdoor textiles.

The kit includes a 500 ml bottle of Softcare Textile Protector for outdoor furniture, enough to protect 5-7 m2 and a 500 ml bottle of effective Textile Cleaner for outdoor textiles. Additionally, the kit contains a terry cloth and an instruction manual.

The outdoor textile protector is a modern solution for outdoor furniture, sun shades, and interior of cars and boats. It provides effective protection against all kinds of dirt and moisture by preventing dirt from being sucked into fabric fibers. Also reduces mold in fabrics as the fabric is kept dry. Suitable for users with pollen allergy as protection prevents pollen from sticking to fibers and makes the fabric easy to clean. Suitable for all textiles, both natural and artificial fibers. Softcare Outdoor Textile Cleaner gentle works on all kinds of dirt and stains, e.g. fat, oil and coffee. It is made of environmentally safe components and can be successfully used to clean and maintain good look of the outdoor textile, car and boat interiors.

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