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Efficient and easy-to-use Softcare Textile Protector forms a highly effective molecular shield around fibers to guard against virtually all kinds of liquids, stains and soiling. Does not change the feel, color or other properties of the fabric. Does not contain PFOS or PFOA compounds. Safe to use and biodegradable.

Recommended for protection of all textile surfaces, but especially for bright fabrics on which dirt is clearly visible. The protection does not alter fabric appearance, air permeability or flammability. Suitable for all fabric types from thick upholstery fabrics to thin silk fabrics. Protection will last 2-3 years in normal use.

Treated fabrics are easy to clean because the stains can easily be wiped off from the fabric with a cloth. The protection prevents all kinds of stains from sticking, even oil-based stains. One bottle is sufficient for 5-7 m2, i.e. the surface of a five-seat sofa.

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