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The kit contains everything you need for taking care of your carpets. It includes a 500 ml bottle of Softcare Carpet Protector, enough to protect 4-5 m2 area of carpet, and a 500 ml bottle of efficient Softcare Carpet Cleaner for cleaning carpets. Additionally, the kit contains a terry cloth and written instructions.

Softcare Carpet Protector is suitable for all types of carpets from wool to silk, coconut, jute and paper yarn carpets. Can also be used on fur rugs and kilims. It is also suitable for the protection of thick textiles, e.g. rugs. Carpet protection gives the carpet a dirt-repellent surface, making cleaning easier.

Softcare Carpet Cleaner is an fffective special cleaner for different kinds of carpets that effectively cleans dirt and tough stains. It is environmentally friendly and rinses off easily even in low temperatures.

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